TESE Foundation


About TESE Foundation                                                                      

In Shona, “tese” means “together.”

The TESE Foundation arose from the urgency to send children in Zimbabwe to school. Every year, so many students drop out of school because they do not have the financial means to pay for tuition, uniforms, personal hygiene packs, and exam fees. Like many other developing countries, the Zimbabwean government does not offer free tuition. The lack of an education leaves the children without many options, resulting in many getting married at an early age.

Rural schools cost an average of $35 USD a term for each child. However, due to the extraordinary levels of poverty, many families cannot afford to send their children to school. Upon making the realization that children—primarily girls—were not being educated because of $35, we had to do something. Our goal is to collaborate with the community—parents, school heads, students, etc.—to support these children so they may continue their education.

Our founder, Nathalie Minya, is a native Zimbabwean who has first-hand experience of the hardships children are facing to get an education in urban and rural Zimbabwe. The TESE Foundation currently sponsors children—mostly girls—in junior high and high school. We hope we can eventually support all children in need. The children have expressed to us that their dream is to simply “go to school.”

Apart from the work we do in Zimbabwe, we also do outreach in the United States, mainly in California. We travel to local schools, libraries, and International Houses to read stories and teach children about diversity, while promoting literacy. Our local vision is to bring diversity awareness and increase literacy of underprivileged youth.
Please collaborate with us—a 501(c)(3) organization—and together, we will make a difference in a child’s life. Our organization is run entirely by volunteers. Therefore, all donations are 100% tax deductible and directly go towards the students. Together, we will be one step closer in creating a world where every child has access to quality education.