Denis Hozheri

AA Denis

Dennis comes to us with a strong accounting background. He is currently a top accountant in a prestigious hotel chain in the country.

Denis’ primary goal is to see others stepping towards and living in their God given destinies. For this reason he primarily connects to the world through his connections with people. He thrives when he sees the opportunity to interact with friends, colleagues, and family, and tends to want to soak up everything he can about people and relationships. Perhaps it’s because he recognizes that learning about interpersonal dynamics will, in turn, make him a better person — more caring, more empathetic and more honest.

He believes working to better yourself as you go through life is a powerful goal.

He regards himself as talented, self-sufficient, and goal-oriented. He’s also open-minded, curious, creative, and innovative, having new ideas and concepts has allowed him to progress in his career in finance. He has worked for a conglomerate (Innscor Africa) has experience in Hospitality, banking, pharmaceuticals & has currently set his sights on manufacturing with the goal of sparking an Industrialisation movement in Zimbabwe.

He tends to be naturally empathetic, sympathetic, generous, and helpful.  Is naturally motivated to put physical abilities and natural talents, whatever they may be, into immediate effective use. Is motivated to educate, which means to share knowledge that will be useful for the persons taught.