Nathalie Minya


Nathalie Minya is a speaker, singer, active community member, and mother of two young children. Born in Zimbabwe, she is the sixth of eight children and a member of the “Born Free” generation. Although she grew up in Zimbabwe after its independence from British rule, she was not exempt from the racially sensitive climate. Her environment, coupled with being a girl in a patriarchal society, worked in unison to make her to be the powerhouse she is today. At the age of 15, Ms. Minya was an entrepreneur and the youngest designer in Zimbabwe at the time. By 20, she made enough money to travel to the United States and attend college in Missouri, where she graduated cum laude with a degree in business management. She is second-generation proof that education works. Both of her parents are from remote villages, but rose to be professionals who instilled the value of education into their children.

Ms. Minya’s soulful voice shares the beauty of her motherland when she sings songs in her mother tongue, Shona. In addition to singing, she spearheads fundraising efforts through speaking engagements, community micro-finance projects, networking, and social media. She creatively engages the audience with her riveting life story by touching on major issues—education, entrepreneurship, social justice, HIV/AIDS in low-income societies, and gender disparity. Alongside her many roles, she is also a member of Davis Sunrise Rotary, on the board of directors at International House Davis, and director of the TESE Foundation.

To book Nathalie Minya for your next event, email Her speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

  • You are here for a reason: Discover the potential from within
  • Entrepreneurship: Inspiring our kids to start young
  • Sustainable development in third world economies
  • Alleviating poverty through education
  • Social justice: The cost of colonization

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