Immediate Needs



Listed are our immediate needs.  These items are very much needed and will be used in the tasks we perform to help the children on a daily basis. We understand if donors are not able to address our needs. We accept any forms of donations and all proceeds will go to the children.
Click here to donate any amount.

Buy us a used camera (it is essential for our team to capture shots of
each student we intake, their school and basic home situation to get a
better view of how we can assist them. For this we need a high
resolution camera in Harare and one in Masvingo where our students are
based. These run at $199 each:

Buy us a used laptop ( it is imperative that we have constant
communication with our field staff and that they have access to the
tools they need to do their jobs. We need a used laptop (one for
Harare and one for Masvingo) to document and send info.
These run at $150:IMG_5844

Pay a stipend for one of our volunteers $50 (It is important to
provide our field officers stipends for bus fare and lunch while they
are working and interviewing students. Some of them walk for hours
between homesteads and schools just to complete our intake process for
each child. Our field officers come from humble beginning and some of
them have come through our program as students and have now graduated.
While they look for work, they have chosen to give back to TESE and
volunteer. Any support to them is greatly appreciated.)