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The store is still in construction and will be up shortly.
Here are samples of our African Artifacts, Bracelets and Jewelry coming soon:

 Please note that every single bead and bracelet that we sell are hand crafted and will be unique. Many shades and tones of colors can be used. No two beads/bracelets will be completely alike. Each bead/bracelet will be $10 dollars and all proceeds will go to helping the children. As of now, please fill out our contact form for additional information or go here to purchase these elegant and beautiful beads/bracelets that hold much cultural importance. Please fill out the instructions to seller section in the purchase link with information regarding tone/color scheme of the bracelet being bought.


We deeply apologize for any inconvenience. We are trying our best to get the store up and running.

Thank you for your time!

More Samples: