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One of the biggest Problem in Zimbabwe is Physical and Sexual Abuse of women and girls. Many stay in this situation because the abusers are their care givers and breadwinners. Our dream  at TESE is to build healthy families by empowering women and girls. Give girls an opportunity to go to school with no strings attached and mothers to start a small business TODAY!

It costs $1000 to pay for a child’s tuition, uniform and books for an ENTIRE YEAR!! That equals 10 of you committing to $100 each or 100 people at $10 each. 
Together we can achieve.


Donate any amount:

Sign your school or community up to do a Beading Project:
*Be a volunteer*


We need volunteers to host a beading party in their communities. We will provide all the materials needed as well as provide you with an instructor on how to do this. We just need your hands and your valuable time. This is a great time to unite as a community or friends and teach our children about the importance of education.

*Book A Speaker*
Our founder, Nathalie Minya, is a captivating and energetic speaker who engages her audience while using her amazing life story to tackle key issues of our time.

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