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TESE Foundation offers speakers and educational presentations about literacy and empowering children in third worlds. Usually there is a set honorarium but we welcome every need on a sliding scale.

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Nathalie Minya is a captivating and energetic speaker who engages her audience while using her amazing life story to tackle key issues of our time. She is authentic, entertaining and passionate. When she graces the stage, she rivets the audience with her voice, singing songs, reading books and telling stories her childhood in Zimbabwe. She is a much sought after speaker and is always a crowd pleaser.

Top 3 reasons why you should book Nathalie

  • She is authentic and uses her life story as an

example of overcoming adversity

  • She is entertaining and engages the audience to soul

search and discover what lies within

  • She delivers the message and effectively uses her many talents

such as singing, humor and spoken word

Her Topics include but are not limited to:

*   Alleviating poverty and empowering girls through education

*   You are here for a reason: Discover the potential within

 * Entrepreneurship: inspiring our kids to start young

 * Sustainable development in third world economies: what works?

*Social Justice: The cost of colonization

 To book Nathalie Minya for your next event email nathalieminya@gmail or call 660 229 0552. Visit her social media pages and



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