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The heart of TESE Foundation is to aid those in need. We find solace in providing for children who are less fortunate, allowing them to continue their eduction, which grants them a better opportunity in this world. ¬†“If every person in the world did one small good deed for another person every day, then the world would be a better place”. Be part of our passionate and growing foundation; volunteer now.

We have various hands on volunteering opportunities. Our two main ones are:

Community Beading Project

Where volunteers make bracelets and sell them and the profits go to children.


Personal Hygiene Packs

Make personal hygiene packs and send them to Zimbabwe. Many  girls miss twelve weeks of their school year due to the lack of personal hygiene products. Although this may not seem to be a problem in the U.S. and other first world countries, not having personal hygiene packs prohibits girls from furthering their education. This is why it is essential for us to send as many packs as possible so that this is not a prohibiting factor.

Read about our key intern now and click on this page for more info.

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